Teapot Table Integration Tester

We at Teapot Table have just launched the booking system Integration tester page. This page allows you test the online reservation tool on your website. The tester is integrated with a demo site, allowing you to make test bookings on your own website.

At the moment you can integrate only the AJAX version of the booking system, which is by far the most flexible allowing you to directly alter the styling with your own CSS. We will be adding an iframe option in the near future along with a tool to customise the style of the booking module with colour pickers.

You will simply need to copy the code available on that page and add it to your websites HTML, this can be done by editing your files by FTP or editing in HTML mode in your CMS. If you are unsure how to do this contact us and we will be happy to help.

The launch of this page also coincides with the release of improvements and new features for the online booking module. These are listed below.

Speed Improvements
We have improved the efficiency of the code and optimised the size of both the javascript and css files. We have also enabled compression on these assets being sent to the browser.

Improved ‘Back button’ support
Utilising the HTML5 browser history API, the booking module behaviours a lot better with users pressing the back and forward buttons on their browsers. It also handles the user refreshing the browser.

‘Change’ button more obvious
Based on user feedback, we have made the ‘change selected settings buttons’ – (shown as customers are booking their tables) larger and more obvious, so they can change their selections easily.

Easier to style
The css used has been simplified so it is much easier for you to customise the look of the booking system on your website.

Better compatibility
All JavaScript code has been name spaced so there will be less compatibility problems when embedding the system on external websites.

As always this update is free of charge and applied automatically for all our customers on any plan. We will continue to improve both the customer facing booking system and dashboards systems regularly.

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