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Why is TripAdvisor important?

Your TripAdvisor ranking is immensely important for your Restaurant business. A single bad review could put a customer off your business even if you have a good average. In the same way, a good ranking can generate a large amount of new customers.

The dream is simple, Top ranking Restaurant for your area, Good average review and good recent reviews. Sounds daunting, to keep reviews consistently good, and even getting customers to review you in the first place.

Why is TripAdvisor so important?

TripAdvisor is huge, it’s the world’s largest travel site, receives 260 million unique visitors a month spends a huge deal on advertising and is established. Customers will go to TripAdvisor, it is inevitable. This makes it hugely important for your restaurant business. You need to keep reviews positive to not dissuade customers, but you can also attract countless new customers by having good reviews and a good profile.

Customers go to TripAdvisor to find restaurants. TripAdvisor is an important source of new customers. People will search for the top ranking restaurants in an area they are visitor or someone new to try. The top 10 in an area get the most hits, so do the top ranking restaurants of different cuisines.

TripAdvisor builds trust, Facebook friends, and friends of friends alter rankings. Their profile pictures appear next to the restaurant they have reviewed, the rankings are reordered based on this. When a customer sees someone they know having reviewed a restaurant they will have a sense of trust in that restaurant.

Customers read reviews before going to your restaurant. TripAdvisor is the number one restaurant review website, so customers will naturally end up there. People want reassurance that going to your restaurant is the correct decision and they will enjoy their visit. Your TripAdvisor profile will be the first third-party information the customer will receive about your business. You can shout all the praises you want on your own website, people know how biased it could be, and will trust TripAdvisor to be impartial.

Return customers check that your restaurant is still receiving good reviews. Even when you have won a new customer, they will still read reviews to decide whether to come back. Your restaurant still needs to be more appealing than the competition.