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How do I integrate the table booking system with my website?

This post will explain how you can integrate Teapot Table’s booking system with your or any website. If you’re not yet signed up, take a look at the integration tester to get an idea of how easy it is.

We recommend using a Teapot Table powered website for your restaurant, the table booking system is already fully integrated, so you don’t have to do anything. Remember your domain, email and website hosting are included free with your Teapot Table plan. Your website comes with no usage limits and no extra charges to worry about, we handle everything for you. If your website is currently hosted elsewhere get in touch, at the contact us page and we’ll be happy to help moving it over to us to save you money. This can save you over £100 per year in website costs!

If you would like to stick with your current hosting supplier or want to embed the booking system on a different website, read on! Even though we recommend moving your website over to us, we understand if you want to keep it where it is, which is why we offer a free integration service. Just email us your Teapot Table username along with your FTP or website control panel username and password,  and we will integrate it into your website for you.

If you want to integrate it yourself simply navigate to the integration page on the dashboard. This is accessible under the Website header, here you will find the customised HTML code and instructions on how to embed it on any website. Its automatically pre-filled with your data, so its simply copy and paste. See below for an example.


Teapot Table Restaurant Booking Software

One of the question we get asked is why we offer an online booking system rather than installable Restaurant booking software for Windows, Mac or other operating systems. So we have listed the top reasons below.

Why not check out our Restaurant Management software?

Our system is continuously updated

We add new features all the time, often from suggestions from our customers. Software usually works for only one operating system and becomes quickly outdated.

Pay monthly instead of high upfront costs

Instead of having to purchase the software outright, at a large cost, you can pay smaller monthly fees.  You will be safe in the knowledge that your system is being constantly updated, monitored and tested. If you buy software at a one off cost you are on your own, and that software may become outdated within the year, which makes a monthly fee Teapot Table offers great value.

Works on all devices, now and in the future

Our system will work on all web browsers from old to new, mobile phone to TV. We keep updating our system at no extra cost to you so all new devices can easily access your booking system. We make sure the booking system works with all devices, including mobile phones, laptops, tablets and desktops.

How do I install Restaurant booking software?

With other solutions you would have to read the instruction manual you received with your software. If the software is made for a specific operating system you would need to install it on that. If your software is web based, you would need to install it on your website hosting provider.

Can I install your Restaurant Booking software on my server?

Teapot Table only offers a fully managed hosted solution, so you would not have to install any software on your server. You can integrate our online booking software on your web server with a few simple lines of JavaScript and HTML.

Our solution is custom made

Our restaurant booking software is bespoke and custom made fit in with our feature rich restaurant management system. It is built from the ground up to make it as easy as possible for you and your customer to use.
Unlike other booking software, we do not shoehorn existing open source software into a booking system. We created our own specifically for this task.

Any questions? Please contact us

Top London Restaurants

Top London Restaurants

Teapot Table’s restaurant management system continues to evolve thanks to the constant feedback from restaurant owners, staff and customers. Our agile approach to development has allowed us to exceed the requirements of restaurant and thanks to our premium white label products, we now provide some top London restaurants with a sophisticated, but simple to use, restaurant management system allowing them to connect and maintain good relationships with their customers.

Customers have been able to reserve tables at their favorite restaurants hassle free. Both customers and restaurants receive booking confirmations. Our fresh looking dashboard allows restaurant staff to easily view customers and their bookings, as well as the ability to contact customers with newsletters and promotions both individually or as a whole.

Our new dashboard provides graphs which show useful statistics regarding top customers, number of sittings and customer signups. All accessible with any device from any location. No software to install, you can even access all statistics and graphs from your smart phone anywhere with a signal.

We are pleased to announce our recent success with some top London restaurants and would like to continue to provide our white label products to our premium customers and chains.

Our white  label solution allows you to fully remove all references to Teapot Table and replace them with your own branding. All powered by links on web pages and emails can be removed or replaced. We even provide fully branded customer support, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Please get in touch (sales@teapottable.com) if you would like to find out more about our white label products and see how we can help your business.

How our online reservation module works

Online reservation module

We recently launched our online reservation module, which allows restaurants to take online table bookings from any device. You can read about our online reservation management launch to find out a bit about us.

In this short post, we’ll be running through a few features of the online booking module, how it works and what makes it unique.

No drop downs

To make the interface as easy to use with every device, we designed the interface to avoid using any drop down menus. You will find many articles on the web regarding the pros and cons of drop downs as an input; they work well on mobile devices, but are fiddly to use and hide content.

We believe users shouldn’t have to go looking in drop down menus to see what options they have. All content should be obvious and easy to find.

Here at Teapot Table, we use sliders and buttons instead, ensuring that all content is visible to the user. Sliders work well with touch screen sliding, and can be dragged with a mouse.


Slider to select the number of people

To make it even easier we also added the plus and minus buttons so that users can increment the number of people (party size) by clicking instead. The presence of the graphical stick men reinforces the selection, while adding a bit of personality to the form.

Reinforce Selection

Reminding and confirming to the user about what they have already entered reassures the user that they have not made any mistakes. Change buttons also allow a user to easily modify the number of people, date and time.

At every stage of the booking process we keep the user updated on how many guests they have selected, the date and time by displaying this information as the user inputs further information.

When the booking is confirmed, the details are once again presented to the user along with their booking reference code. If the user has requested that the booking system should remember them, the data is persistent across browser refreshes and sessions. So if the user comes back to double check their booking later that day, the information will be open and waiting for them on the booking page.

Date selection

Selecting a date and time

Selecting a date and time

One key improvement we wished to implement, which most other booking systems make hard work of, changing the date.

Imagine that once you have selected your date, you find that the time you want is unavailable. Normally you would have to go back to the previous screen, change the date, then try again. This process could repeat until you get fed up and find somewhere else.

We have improved this process by allowing you to select the date on the left and then instantly see which times are available on the right, without having to “go back”.

We’ve worked hard to make this process as fast and as easy to use as possible, even on a mobile data connection, the available times will load quickly.

If this is something you think your restaurant, or a restaurant you provide a website for would be interested in, please do contact us

There’s plenty more where that came from, we’ll be posting about other features shortly.

Online Restaurant Management Launch

Online Restaurant Management

Teapot Table are a young, innovative and agile company who focus on applying the latest technologies to make life easier for both restaurants and customers.

Our agile approach to development involves constant feedback from live restaurants.

The close relationships we maintain with our restaurants enable us to produce products that solve problems, speed up processes and are extremely easy to use.

Teapot Table concentrate on customers, and we have a different outlook to most; getting customers through the door is one thing, but maintaining a good relationship with your customers so that they return, is another.

The Teapot Table dashboard allows you to build your own customer database, and one of our unique selling points is this:

  • You (the restaurant) will be the only people to have access to the customers in your database.

The dashboard focuses on management:

  • Reservation Management (telephone, walk-in and internet)
  • Customer Database Management
  • Website Management
  • Promotion/Voucher code Management
  • Customer Relationship Management

It also allows you to see vast amounts of data regarding your customers, how they booked, how much they spent, along with useful historical graphs such as the total number of bookings per day.

Today marks the official release of our latest product; an online customer-facing reservation module which plugs directly into the dashboard, and compliments the existing walk-in and telephone reservation management system. This equips you with a customer facing reservation system which can be embedded into your own website and other websites as online advertisements.
To show you how easy it is to embed in your own website, here is the online table booking system in this WordPress post!


Why not try it out… Use voucher code: “demo”

To celebrate and promote our latest product, our Online Restaurant Management system, for a limited time only, we are offering a free mobile, tablet & PC compatible website (optional) to any restaurants which sign up.

The customer facing reservation module allows you to be in direct contact with your online market, which is simply a must for any business today.

In order to develop our latest product, we have worked closely with several restaurant owners, along with their staff and customers.

Here is a selection of new features which are included:

  • Ability to set open/close times on specific days
  • Specify sitting times for special events
  • Take large bookings easily by allowing our advanced virtual table system to utilise pre-defined table combinations to cater for larger parties
  • Take special offer/promotional  bookings (online, magazines, etc.) within predefined valid date & time ranges by allowing the customer to enter their voucher codes online
  • Generate custom voucher/promotional codes for adverts, or even just for individual customers.

We are currently developing a revolutionary POS system. Stay tuned for more information.

For more information please contact us.