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How do I integrate the table booking system with my website?

This post will explain how you can integrate Teapot Table’s booking system with your or any website. If you’re not yet signed up, take a look at the integration tester to get an idea of how easy it is.

We recommend using a Teapot Table powered website for your restaurant, the table booking system is already fully integrated, so you don’t have to do anything. Remember your domain, email and website hosting are included free with your Teapot Table plan. Your website comes with no usage limits and no extra charges to worry about, we handle everything for you. If your website is currently hosted elsewhere get in touch, at the contact us page and we’ll be happy to help moving it over to us to save you money. This can save you over £100 per year in website costs!

If you would like to stick with your current hosting supplier or want to embed the booking system on a different website, read on! Even though we recommend moving your website over to us, we understand if you want to keep it where it is, which is why we offer a free integration service. Just email us your Teapot Table username along with your FTP or website control panel username and password,  and we will integrate it into your website for you.

If you want to integrate it yourself simply navigate to the integration page on the dashboard. This is accessible under the Website header, here you will find the customised HTML code and instructions on how to embed it on any website. Its automatically pre-filled with your data, so its simply copy and paste. See below for an example.