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How do I integrate the table booking system with my website?

This post will explain how you can integrate Teapot Table’s booking system with your or any website. If you’re not yet signed up, take a look at the integration tester to get an idea of how easy it is.

We recommend using a Teapot Table powered website for your restaurant, the table booking system is already fully integrated, so you don’t have to do anything. Remember your domain, email and website hosting are included free with your Teapot Table plan. Your website comes with no usage limits and no extra charges to worry about, we handle everything for you. If your website is currently hosted elsewhere get in touch, at the contact us page and we’ll be happy to help moving it over to us to save you money. This can save you over £100 per year in website costs!

If you would like to stick with your current hosting supplier or want to embed the booking system on a different website, read on! Even though we recommend moving your website over to us, we understand if you want to keep it where it is, which is why we offer a free integration service. Just email us your Teapot Table username along with your FTP or website control panel username and password,  and we will integrate it into your website for you.

If you want to integrate it yourself simply navigate to the integration page on the dashboard. This is accessible under the Website header, here you will find the customised HTML code and instructions on how to embed it on any website. Its automatically pre-filled with your data, so its simply copy and paste. See below for an example.


How to generate a voucher code

Using Teapot Table’s free voucher system you can easily create custom voucher codes with advanced rules. This is the first post explaining how to use the system,

The following is the simple voucher addition page. We will be adding more advanced rules along with short cuts to create frequently used vouchers in seconds in later updates.

add voucher

The voucher code is automatically generated each time you load the page, if you don’t like the look of the code, simple refresh and you’ll get a new one. Alternatively you can override the auto generated code and enter a custom one.

Voucher name allows you to name your voucher this should be brief title of what the voucher is, for example ’10% Off’.

Valid From and Valid To allow you to set the date range that the voucher is valid within. The voucher checking system will tell you when the voucher is not yet valid, or has expired.

Use limit allows you to set a maximum limit on how many times the voucher can be used. This is especially useful when printing the voucher in a magazine or similar and wanting to limit it to the first 200 customers.

Validity days allows you to select which days of the week your voucher can be used. This is perfect for creating vouchers that are only valid on your quiet days, while keeping busy days non-discounted.

After you fill in these fields, simply click the Add voucher button, and your voucher is generated. You can now start to distribute your voucher to your customers and track its use!

Sign up now,  or contact us if we are missing any features that you think would really help you. We will be posting more guides about how to use the voucher system and how it can improve your business, so check back regularly.

Free Voucher System Launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of our free voucher system. This is one module of our restaurant management system that we have now released for free for everybody. It doesn’t matter if you are not a restaurant, you can still benefit from the system.

This is a genuinely free system - instant signup, no free trail or payment details needed, just sign up and jump straight in.

What can it do? Generate vouchers, track their use, advanced validity settings and much more. Its also bundled with a basic customer relationship management (CRM) system, when your customers use your vouchers you collect their details. This can be through you entering their details manually or the customer signing up themselves. You can see when customers used their vouchers and when. 

Go over to the Free voucher system page for a feature list and to sign up.

Why free?

Most importantly we want to create the best voucher system available. Easy to use with great features, but we can’t do that without a lot of feedback. The voucher system is an integral part of our restaurant management system – restaurants use this every day. This only gives us a limited opinion and feature set, that of the restaurant industry. We want to create a voucher system that every industry can benefit from.

We also hope that through the use of the free system you will be interested in other great services we provide, such as printing and Email + SMS marketing. You are under no obligation to buy anything, you can happily use the voucher system without any of these.

Plans for the future

We will release more posts about new features and how to use the system, but for now here is a few thing we will be doing.

Modules for your favourite CMS - Our free voucher system will integrate with your CMS so you can easily add a sign-up form that generates the user a voucher, voucher validation and many more. Which content management systems? We are working on plugins / modules for a few, but if you think the one you use should be first, please contact us.

Features, Features, Features - We will add more features, make the system even easier to use and keep innovating to help your business. Ideas on what we should do next? Send them along to us and we’ll get back to you.

Thanks for reading, now head over to the Free voucher system page!

Teapot Inspired Wallpapers

We’ve put together a few 1920 x 1080px (1080p) sized desktop backgrounds and wallpapers. Which are… teapot based!

mysterious-teapot Flowerly-teapot teapot-friends blue-teapot

They are also on our Pinterest page which you can see here: http://pinterest.com/teapottable/teapot-table/. – We’ll keep updating our board with teapot based images from us and will be pinning other peoples interesting shots too.

We’re also on instagram and will be uploading random snaps of teapots we see on our travels – Available at: http://instagram.com/teapottable/