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Teapot Table launches new website and Free 30 Day trial

We have today launched our new website and free 30 day trial. The new site is aimed at being more direct and easy in getting the information you need. The site has been focused on our flagship product and its features.

We’ve removed information about our telephone, printing and website services, don’t worry we still offer these. We believe that by focusing our attentions on our main product, we can produce a much better and higher quality service. If you are looking for printing, telephone and web design please contact us.

The best way to see the product is to try it, that’s why you don’t need to enter any payment information when registering for the trial. If you like the product and wish to stay with us all your data will be saved and you can continue using the system will all your data. Some items have been disabled in the trial, you cannot send email marketing messages or text messages. You can upgrade your account to a full paid account at any time to access these features. When you fully upgrade you are also entitled to a free website, please contact us and we’ll arrange the website to be transferred to us, or a new website setup.

We have many more features in the pipeline, but would really like to get more restaurants feedback on what’s important to them, and what they want to see next. Please do send us any recommendations you have on new features, or what to improve. We’re always looking for restaurants to trial exciting new features with,

What are you waiting for get your free 30 day trial now! If you have any questions you can contact us or send us an email at

We are working on updating the blog and other items to the new website design, so please excuse the mess.

How do I integrate the table booking system with my website?

This post will explain how you can integrate Teapot Table’s booking system with your or any website. If you’re not yet signed up, take a look at the integration tester to get an idea of how easy it is.

We recommend using a Teapot Table powered website for your restaurant, the table booking system is already fully integrated, so you don’t have to do anything. Remember your domain, email and website hosting are included free with your Teapot Table plan. Your website comes with no usage limits and no extra charges to worry about, we handle everything for you. If your website is currently hosted elsewhere get in touch, at the contact us page and we’ll be happy to help moving it over to us to save you money. This can save you over £100 per year in website costs!

If you would like to stick with your current hosting supplier or want to embed the booking system on a different website, read on! Even though we recommend moving your website over to us, we understand if you want to keep it where it is, which is why we offer a free integration service. Just email us your Teapot Table username along with your FTP or website control panel username and password,  and we will integrate it into your website for you.

If you want to integrate it yourself simply navigate to the integration page on the dashboard. This is accessible under the Website header, here you will find the customised HTML code and instructions on how to embed it on any website. Its automatically pre-filled with your data, so its simply copy and paste. See below for an example.


Why is TripAdvisor important?

Your TripAdvisor ranking is immensely important for your Restaurant business. A single bad review could put a customer off your business even if you have a good average. In the same way, a good ranking can generate a large amount of new customers.

The dream is simple, Top ranking Restaurant for your area, Good average review and good recent reviews. Sounds daunting, to keep reviews consistently good, and even getting customers to review you in the first place.

Why is TripAdvisor so important?

TripAdvisor is huge, it’s the world’s largest travel site, receives 260 million unique visitors a month spends a huge deal on advertising and is established. Customers will go to TripAdvisor, it is inevitable. This makes it hugely important for your restaurant business. You need to keep reviews positive to not dissuade customers, but you can also attract countless new customers by having good reviews and a good profile.

Customers go to TripAdvisor to find restaurants. TripAdvisor is an important source of new customers. People will search for the top ranking restaurants in an area they are visitor or someone new to try. The top 10 in an area get the most hits, so do the top ranking restaurants of different cuisines.

TripAdvisor builds trust, Facebook friends, and friends of friends alter rankings. Their profile pictures appear next to the restaurant they have reviewed, the rankings are reordered based on this. When a customer sees someone they know having reviewed a restaurant they will have a sense of trust in that restaurant.

Customers read reviews before going to your restaurant. TripAdvisor is the number one restaurant review website, so customers will naturally end up there. People want reassurance that going to your restaurant is the correct decision and they will enjoy their visit. Your TripAdvisor profile will be the first third-party information the customer will receive about your business. You can shout all the praises you want on your own website, people know how biased it could be, and will trust TripAdvisor to be impartial.

Return customers check that your restaurant is still receiving good reviews. Even when you have won a new customer, they will still read reviews to decide whether to come back. Your restaurant still needs to be more appealing than the competition.

Teapot Table Integration Tester

We at Teapot Table have just launched the booking system Integration tester page. This page allows you test the online reservation tool on your website. The tester is integrated with a demo site, allowing you to make test bookings on your own website.

At the moment you can integrate only the AJAX version of the booking system, which is by far the most flexible allowing you to directly alter the styling with your own CSS. We will be adding an iframe option in the near future along with a tool to customise the style of the booking module with colour pickers.

You will simply need to copy the code available on that page and add it to your websites HTML, this can be done by editing your files by FTP or editing in HTML mode in your CMS. If you are unsure how to do this contact us and we will be happy to help.

The launch of this page also coincides with the release of improvements and new features for the online booking module. These are listed below.

Speed Improvements
We have improved the efficiency of the code and optimised the size of both the javascript and css files. We have also enabled compression on these assets being sent to the browser.

Improved ‘Back button’ support
Utilising the HTML5 browser history API, the booking module behaviours a lot better with users pressing the back and forward buttons on their browsers. It also handles the user refreshing the browser.

‘Change’ button more obvious
Based on user feedback, we have made the ‘change selected settings buttons’ – (shown as customers are booking their tables) larger and more obvious, so they can change their selections easily.

Easier to style
The css used has been simplified so it is much easier for you to customise the look of the booking system on your website.

Better compatibility
All JavaScript code has been name spaced so there will be less compatibility problems when embedding the system on external websites.

As always this update is free of charge and applied automatically for all our customers on any plan. We will continue to improve both the customer facing booking system and dashboards systems regularly.

Teapot Table now accepts Direct Debit

We are pleased to announce that we now accept Direct Debit for all of our UK customers. This also allows us to offer instant sign up, allowing you to register, input your account details and start using the system instantly. All payments are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee and processed by GoCardless. We do not store any payment information on our servers.


Go try it out on our Restaurant Management page.

You can also pay for your printing with Direct Debit too, please ask your account manager for details.

Not in the UK? Don’t want to pay using Direct Debit? Don’t worry, we will start supporting Credit and Debit card payments with the monthly subscription and printing services.

If you are looking for the Free Voucher system, don’t worry this hasn’t gone anywhere it is still accessible on the Free voucher system page. We give you the option to save your payment information so its easy for you upgrade or purchase printing services. You don’t have to give us any payment information if you don’t want to. You can always add it later if necessary.

Teapot Table Restaurant Booking Software

One of the question we get asked is why we offer an online booking system rather than installable Restaurant booking software for Windows, Mac or other operating systems. So we have listed the top reasons below.

Why not check out our Restaurant Management software?

Our system is continuously updated

We add new features all the time, often from suggestions from our customers. Software usually works for only one operating system and becomes quickly outdated.

Pay monthly instead of high upfront costs

Instead of having to purchase the software outright, at a large cost, you can pay smaller monthly fees.  You will be safe in the knowledge that your system is being constantly updated, monitored and tested. If you buy software at a one off cost you are on your own, and that software may become outdated within the year, which makes a monthly fee Teapot Table offers great value.

Works on all devices, now and in the future

Our system will work on all web browsers from old to new, mobile phone to TV. We keep updating our system at no extra cost to you so all new devices can easily access your booking system. We make sure the booking system works with all devices, including mobile phones, laptops, tablets and desktops.

How do I install Restaurant booking software?

With other solutions you would have to read the instruction manual you received with your software. If the software is made for a specific operating system you would need to install it on that. If your software is web based, you would need to install it on your website hosting provider.

Can I install your Restaurant Booking software on my server?

Teapot Table only offers a fully managed hosted solution, so you would not have to install any software on your server. You can integrate our online booking software on your web server with a few simple lines of JavaScript and HTML.

Our solution is custom made

Our restaurant booking software is bespoke and custom made fit in with our feature rich restaurant management system. It is built from the ground up to make it as easy as possible for you and your customer to use.
Unlike other booking software, we do not shoehorn existing open source software into a booking system. We created our own specifically for this task.

Any questions? Please contact us

Business card printing and design

We are happy to announce that we have extended our printing services to include professional design services. We can design and print for every business, not just Restaurants and take-aways.  Please contact us for a quote before getting your printing done. Most of the time we can beat your printing quote, or at least match it whilst giving professional design services far surpassing our competitors.

We offer affordable design and printing services at a very high quality, even a small restaurant can get national chain level quality design and print. Customers are coming to expect a certain level of design quality, home-made flyers and business cards can do more harm than good for your business. A professionally designed leaflet from Teapot Table can make your business stand out from the mundane predictable prints that people get through their door everyday. You need to catch the persons attention when distributing leaflets and business cards. If you are distributing your take away menu for you pizza shop, and it looks exactly like the other 10 pizza shop’s menu you will not get noticed. Stand out from the crowd with Teapot Table’s professional design services.

Below is an example of our business card design, for our showcase client Turkuaz Sheffield. We took their logo and a scanned image of a pattern they liked and produced a professional sleek design. Perfect to give to customers and other business associates. Click for a larger version.


We offer a wide range of business card printing, different thickness, lamination and UV highlighting. We will explain more about our UV highlighting services in a separate blog post. Contact us now for your custom quote.

We are currently putting together a portfolio page showcasing our designs, and will keep posting more design and print related blog posts.


Top London Restaurants

Top London Restaurants

Teapot Table’s restaurant management system continues to evolve thanks to the constant feedback from restaurant owners, staff and customers. Our agile approach to development has allowed us to exceed the requirements of restaurant and thanks to our premium white label products, we now provide some top London restaurants with a sophisticated, but simple to use, restaurant management system allowing them to connect and maintain good relationships with their customers.

Customers have been able to reserve tables at their favorite restaurants hassle free. Both customers and restaurants receive booking confirmations. Our fresh looking dashboard allows restaurant staff to easily view customers and their bookings, as well as the ability to contact customers with newsletters and promotions both individually or as a whole.

Our new dashboard provides graphs which show useful statistics regarding top customers, number of sittings and customer signups. All accessible with any device from any location. No software to install, you can even access all statistics and graphs from your smart phone anywhere with a signal.

We are pleased to announce our recent success with some top London restaurants and would like to continue to provide our white label products to our premium customers and chains.

Our white  label solution allows you to fully remove all references to Teapot Table and replace them with your own branding. All powered by links on web pages and emails can be removed or replaced. We even provide fully branded customer support, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Please get in touch ( if you would like to find out more about our white label products and see how we can help your business.

How to generate a voucher code

Using Teapot Table’s free voucher system you can easily create custom voucher codes with advanced rules. This is the first post explaining how to use the system,

The following is the simple voucher addition page. We will be adding more advanced rules along with short cuts to create frequently used vouchers in seconds in later updates.

add voucher

The voucher code is automatically generated each time you load the page, if you don’t like the look of the code, simple refresh and you’ll get a new one. Alternatively you can override the auto generated code and enter a custom one.

Voucher name allows you to name your voucher this should be brief title of what the voucher is, for example ’10% Off’.

Valid From and Valid To allow you to set the date range that the voucher is valid within. The voucher checking system will tell you when the voucher is not yet valid, or has expired.

Use limit allows you to set a maximum limit on how many times the voucher can be used. This is especially useful when printing the voucher in a magazine or similar and wanting to limit it to the first 200 customers.

Validity days allows you to select which days of the week your voucher can be used. This is perfect for creating vouchers that are only valid on your quiet days, while keeping busy days non-discounted.

After you fill in these fields, simply click the Add voucher button, and your voucher is generated. You can now start to distribute your voucher to your customers and track its use!

Sign up now,  or contact us if we are missing any features that you think would really help you. We will be posting more guides about how to use the voucher system and how it can improve your business, so check back regularly.

Free Voucher System Launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of our free voucher system. This is one module of our restaurant management system that we have now released for free for everybody. It doesn’t matter if you are not a restaurant, you can still benefit from the system.

This is a genuinely free system - instant signup, no free trail or payment details needed, just sign up and jump straight in.

What can it do? Generate vouchers, track their use, advanced validity settings and much more. Its also bundled with a basic customer relationship management (CRM) system, when your customers use your vouchers you collect their details. This can be through you entering their details manually or the customer signing up themselves. You can see when customers used their vouchers and when. 

Go over to the Free voucher system page for a feature list and to sign up.

Why free?

Most importantly we want to create the best voucher system available. Easy to use with great features, but we can’t do that without a lot of feedback. The voucher system is an integral part of our restaurant management system – restaurants use this every day. This only gives us a limited opinion and feature set, that of the restaurant industry. We want to create a voucher system that every industry can benefit from.

We also hope that through the use of the free system you will be interested in other great services we provide, such as printing and Email + SMS marketing. You are under no obligation to buy anything, you can happily use the voucher system without any of these.

Plans for the future

We will release more posts about new features and how to use the system, but for now here is a few thing we will be doing.

Modules for your favourite CMS - Our free voucher system will integrate with your CMS so you can easily add a sign-up form that generates the user a voucher, voucher validation and many more. Which content management systems? We are working on plugins / modules for a few, but if you think the one you use should be first, please contact us.

Features, Features, Features - We will add more features, make the system even easier to use and keep innovating to help your business. Ideas on what we should do next? Send them along to us and we’ll get back to you.

Thanks for reading, now head over to the Free voucher system page!