Monthly Archives: October 2013

Teapot Table launches new website and Free 30 Day trial

We have today launched our new website and free 30 day trial. The new site is aimed at being more direct and easy in getting the information you need. The site has been focused on our flagship product and its features.

We’ve removed information about our telephone, printing and website services, don’t worry we still offer these. We believe that by focusing our attentions on our main product, we can produce a much better and higher quality service. If you are looking for¬†printing, telephone and web design please contact us.

The best way to see the product is to try it, that’s why you don’t need to enter any payment information when registering for the trial. If you like the product and wish to stay with us all your data will be saved and you can continue using the system will all your data. Some items have been disabled in the trial, you cannot send email marketing messages or text messages. You can upgrade your account to a full paid account at any time to access these features. When you fully upgrade you are also entitled to a free website, please contact us and we’ll arrange the website to be transferred to us, or a new website setup.

We have many more features in the pipeline, but would really like to get more restaurants feedback on what’s important to them, and what they want to see next. Please do send us any recommendations you have on new features, or what to improve. We’re always looking for restaurants to trial exciting new features with,

What are you waiting for get your free 30 day trial now! If you have any questions you can contact us or send us an email at

We are working on updating the blog and other items to the new website design, so please excuse the mess.