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Business card printing and design

We are happy to announce that we have extended our printing services to include professional design services. We can design and print for every business, not just Restaurants and take-aways.  Please contact us for a quote before getting your printing done. Most of the time we can beat your printing quote, or at least match it whilst giving professional design services far surpassing our competitors.

We offer affordable design and printing services at a very high quality, even a small restaurant can get national chain level quality design and print. Customers are coming to expect a certain level of design quality, home-made flyers and business cards can do more harm than good for your business. A professionally designed leaflet from Teapot Table can make your business stand out from the mundane predictable prints that people get through their door everyday. You need to catch the persons attention when distributing leaflets and business cards. If you are distributing your take away menu for you pizza shop, and it looks exactly like the other 10 pizza shop’s menu you will not get noticed. Stand out from the crowd with Teapot Table’s professional design services.

Below is an example of our business card design, for our showcase client Turkuaz Sheffield. We took their logo and a scanned image of a pattern they liked and produced a professional sleek design. Perfect to give to customers and other business associates. Click for a larger version.


We offer a wide range of business card printing, different thickness, lamination and UV highlighting. We will explain more about our UV highlighting services in a separate blog post. Contact us now for your custom quote.

We are currently putting together a portfolio page showcasing our designs, and will keep posting more design and print related blog posts.


Top London Restaurants

Top London Restaurants

Teapot Table’s restaurant management system continues to evolve thanks to the constant feedback from restaurant owners, staff and customers. Our agile approach to development has allowed us to exceed the requirements of restaurant and thanks to our premium white label products, we now provide some top London restaurants with a sophisticated, but simple to use, restaurant management system allowing them to connect and maintain good relationships with their customers.

Customers have been able to reserve tables at their favorite restaurants hassle free. Both customers and restaurants receive booking confirmations. Our fresh looking dashboard allows restaurant staff to easily view customers and their bookings, as well as the ability to contact customers with newsletters and promotions both individually or as a whole.

Our new dashboard provides graphs which show useful statistics regarding top customers, number of sittings and customer signups. All accessible with any device from any location. No software to install, you can even access all statistics and graphs from your smart phone anywhere with a signal.

We are pleased to announce our recent success with some top London restaurants and would like to continue to provide our white label products to our premium customers and chains.

Our white  label solution allows you to fully remove all references to Teapot Table and replace them with your own branding. All powered by links on web pages and emails can be removed or replaced. We even provide fully branded customer support, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Please get in touch ( if you would like to find out more about our white label products and see how we can help your business.

How to generate a voucher code

Using Teapot Table’s free voucher system you can easily create custom voucher codes with advanced rules. This is the first post explaining how to use the system,

The following is the simple voucher addition page. We will be adding more advanced rules along with short cuts to create frequently used vouchers in seconds in later updates.

add voucher

The voucher code is automatically generated each time you load the page, if you don’t like the look of the code, simple refresh and you’ll get a new one. Alternatively you can override the auto generated code and enter a custom one.

Voucher name allows you to name your voucher this should be brief title of what the voucher is, for example ’10% Off’.

Valid From and Valid To allow you to set the date range that the voucher is valid within. The voucher checking system will tell you when the voucher is not yet valid, or has expired.

Use limit allows you to set a maximum limit on how many times the voucher can be used. This is especially useful when printing the voucher in a magazine or similar and wanting to limit it to the first 200 customers.

Validity days allows you to select which days of the week your voucher can be used. This is perfect for creating vouchers that are only valid on your quiet days, while keeping busy days non-discounted.

After you fill in these fields, simply click the Add voucher button, and your voucher is generated. You can now start to distribute your voucher to your customers and track its use!

Sign up now,  or contact us if we are missing any features that you think would really help you. We will be posting more guides about how to use the voucher system and how it can improve your business, so check back regularly.